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Apr 10, 2012

How to find the changes in the VS or any uploaded config

Hi Guys,


I hope alot of you may have come across this sort of requirement or may be you will come across this for sure. I have a lits of virtual servers and I want to know when was the last "time(both time and date)" any change was made to a particular virtual server/pool/node and the account which was used to make these changes. Also I need the same for the certificates I have a bunch of certificates that were uploaded on the LTM box for different services. I want to know when were these certificates uploaded on the system and using which account. I was not able to find any thing on the GUI for these information can any one help me out in this.





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  • There's probably more than one way to achieve this. Configuring SNMP to send traps is probably possible, though I've never done that. Another way is to enable audit logging. Take a look at SOL5532, which is the approach I've used. The log events show up in /var/log/audit, and get rolled along with the rest of the logs.


  • Hi Smp,


    Thanks for your reply I will lookinto the SOL5532 for the above requirement I can understand that the changes done can be sent via SNMP to an external server. But while going through the system at a glance I do want to look into these configuration that when was the virtual server pool created + for how long certain vs or pool or pool member is up + any certificate when it was created on the box or uploaded. these quick view are really important rather than running into the logs to find it.