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Jul 01, 2011

How to find HOST protocol inside iRule?

Hi folks,



Is there a way to find host protocol inside HTTP_REQUEST event in iRule? I can get host ([HTTP::host] ) and uri ([HTTP::uri]), but not sure about protocol.




Any help is appreciated,


Thanks, Roman

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  • Hi Roman,



    You can't tell from just the HTTP headers or payload whether the request was sent via SSL. You can either assume SSL based on the virtual server port [TCP::local_port] or use an iRule to test whether a cipher was used:





  • Aaron,



    Thank you for your reply. Should I use both approaches to determine for sure whether SSL is used?


    if TCP::local_port value is 443 AND if {not ([catch {SSL::cipher version} result]) && $result ne "none"}


    protocol = "https"




    Thanks, Roman


  • Hi Roman,



    You don't need to check the port if you use this:



    if {not ([catch {SSL::cipher version} result]) && $result ne "none"}