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Jun 02, 2023

How to extract applications historical data from F5 LTM

Hi All,

I am looking for historical connections utilization data of applications hosted on F5 LTM. Is there any way to check the same? 

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  • Hi Vshah , 
    If yiu have AVR module licensed on your box , you can collect everything related to specific virtual servers/ Applications. 

    you will be having great visability on application urls , transactions , ips , Geolocations , which heavy urls that have and ...etc. 

    Let me know if you have this module , I can guide you to use it properly. 
    If you need to know about it and how to provision it in your box  , have a look at the below Article :

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      Hi Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh,

      Thanks for your response. Yes I am using AVR module.

      Kindly guide me how can I get the data from that.


      • Hi Vshah
        you are welcome, 

        AVR is a very useful module to collect huge amount of metrics and application statistics : 
        First I will tell you the needed steps and will attach an article will help you in details : 

        1- create a custom analytic profile , Local traffic >> profiles >> Analystics >> HTTP Analytics >> and
        hit create.

        2- Select in the profile all needed metrics that you want to collect and select the virtual server that you need to collect these metrics for. 
        Note : you can add multiple virtual servers as you can , but please monitor your CPU and memory because AVR consumes little bit CPU , if you have a free in CPU and memory it would be great.

        3-  Hit Finish and wait almost 10 minutes , for changes to take effect and the bigip recieve a sufficient traffic. 

        4- After that let's say 1 hour for example :
        Go to Statistics TAB >> Analytics >> HTTP >> Overview. 
        you will see the magic 😄 
        you can navegate all statistics also play with time slots and you can export a pdf report to review everything offline and extra ... 

        Please Review this article for more details :

        I hope this helps you 🙂