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Mar 23, 2020

How to export statistics for a single virtual server ?

I'm trying to provide my colleagues some visibility over their own services, through statistics provided by AVR module, such as different URLs, different visitors, etc.... However, I can't find an easy way to do it:

  • an analytics profile allows to target specific virtual servers, but only notify the external world if a limit is reached, not on a daily basis
  • scheduled reports don't allow to target specific virtual servers

So far, the only way I found was to provide them guest user accounts on the bigip, and deal with the whole management interface directly :(

Did I miss something ?

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  • You can limit guest account access and educate the user.


    Option 2: High Speed Logging and send all logs to external log management device such as Splunk, sys-logs, etc.  High Speed Logging was designed to be a high volume, low overhead logging mechanism. HSL supports logging via TCP or UDP. Informal testing has shown CPU and memory utilization for HSL to be very low (<10% CPU, almost no additional memory utilization).



    Note: AVR module is cpu intensive.



  • Thanks for your answer.


    We already use HSL for exportings logs, and we use them for debugging and high-level statistics, such as access count. However, I was more interested by statistics difficult to compute from logs, such as simultaneous connections count, or bandwidth usage. AVR seems a better option here.