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Aug 15, 2011

How to create full HA for WAN switch in 2 active-passive F5 LC?

Currently both F5 (active-passive) are connected to 2 ISP router.


Since both F5 needs connectivity to both ISP router 1 and 2, the connection is mesh from both F5 to both routers via a single WAN switch.



However the design is vulnerable due to only a single switch. How can I migrate the configuration to 2 WAN switches?


What config in F5 that i need to do? Tagging? How about WAN switch/router side?



Attached is the current design.Appreciate any advice!!!
















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  • Sounds fairly easy, you just need to configure second switch with same vlans on an uplink toward Bigip (trunk) as you had on a single switch. Migration is easy, although you will have to run on a single device for a moment. I actually did that with forcing standby unit to go offline first, moving cabling to new switch and then reactivating it as standby again. PS. I do not see attachment you mention
  • Hi, attach is the design. I heard the solution is to tagged to the interface going to the WAN swicth but what will happen if a port is tagged & untagged at the same time?


    Currently the ports going to 2 ISP routers are untagged with individual VLAN.









  • I heard that tagging the F5 ports going to the the ISP WAN Switch/router is the solution. Any idea guys??


    How to create full HA solution for F5 Active-Passive with 2 external ISP? Any one experience this before. Currently the design is using a single WAN swicth to interconnect the 2 ISP routers and both F5. However this design has a single point of failure-WAN swicth down. How can i desing 2 WAN swicth? I heard someone does that by tagging the port in F5 with and untagged at the same time. How it was done??
  • Well I still can't see design you are mentioning, but here is how I would proceed.


    1: If on that single WAN switch you have multiple vlans and you connect Bigip using trunk then on BigIP you have to use tagging for each vlan number corresponding to the number of vlan that is on the switch (tagging=dot1q tagging)


    2. If you have access port on the WAN switch toward Bigip then do not use tag , just untagged interfaces.



    Hope this helps.