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Mar 06, 2012

How to configure tagged interfaces?




I need to configure a tagged interface on our F5 LTMs. The F5 device connects to two different 3750 switches in a stack using a trunk which contains two physical interfaces.



At the moment the trunk interface is untagged on the F5 device and the port-channel on the Cisco switch as configured as an access port on vlan 10. I need to change the configuration so I can allow two vlans across the link, 10 & 11.



I will change the port-channel on the Cisco switch to a switchport trunk and allow vlans 10 and 11.



On the F5 LTM is the following correct to configuring the F5 trunk to allow both vlans.



Van list




Change the Tag from 4094 to 10 (same as Cisco Switch)


Interfaces move the trunk interface from untagged to tagged



Follow the same procedure for vlan 11?



Do I need to change the MTU size to 1522?







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    VLAN List


    - yes that should doit.



    For VLAN 11, yes.



    You don't need to change the MTU. It remains at 1500.