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Aug 31, 2011

how to config SNAT / NAt

Hi all



i have the diagram network : internal---------F5-------internet



i would like to config for all computer in internal access to internet.



i have config default route on F5 to ISP and config SNAT to translation source Ip , but the F5 cannot translation source Ip.



how to config SNAT on F5 ? pls help me



thanks all



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  • Hi Hung,



    You can create a forwarding virtual server with a destination of, enabled only on the internal VLAN with SNAT automap enabled to allow internal hosts to originate connections through LTM to any destination host and port.



    You'll need a TMM default route for this to work. You can create this under Network | Routes.



  • thanks Hoolio



    the zone internal accessed to internet . Now , can you tell me how to config for publish a server in internal zone to external ,



    for access from external.



    thanks all