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Dec 16, 2021

How to attach TCP profile for server/client individually via REST API?

Hi, I was trying to attach the TCP profile to virtual server by REST API.

But now what I only can do is to specify the context to "all", then call PATCH on /tm/ltm/virtual/VIRTUALNAME.

The content is:



"Context = all" means I am setting both of the client and server side at the same time.

But I would like to set them separately to two different profiles, then I tried context = clientside or context = serverside.

Then an error like "Less than the required minimum number of profiles found on VIRTUALNAME: Exactly 1 of (UDP Profile (serverside), TCP Profile (serverside), SCTP Profile (serverside))" was returned.

Looks like when only setting clientside/serverside profile, F5 will delete both profiles for clientside and serverside firstly, then update the user's profile. But at that time, the profile is only for server or client, the other part of the profile has been deleted in the previous step, which led to this error.


Could anyone help figure out if I am doing in the incorrect way?

Or if this might be a bug of setting TCP profiles?


Heap thanks.

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