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Jun 18, 2020

How to 40G Port connect to four 10G port

Hi guys

I need your help


How to 40G Port connect to four 10G port ?

40G Port connected to 40G port but 40G port not connected four 10G port [four 10G port Up state but 40G port down]

I guess this relate to media speed .. but not connected when I configure trunk mode of four 10G port


please let me know it if you know !


thank you

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  • could you perhaps add a little drawing, im not quite sure how you are trying to connect this.

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      I just tried to connected F5(40G) to Cisco(10G * 4ea)

      F5 interface not working [40G port status is down but cisco side is up] when I tried to connected 40G port to 10G * 4ea using break out cable

      (I guess this is relate to speed negotiation)

      So, I try to connect to 10G *4ea using trunk

      [ F5 40G port configure trunk and cisco port configure trunk ]