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Jan 28, 2011

How does virtual servers in internal Vlan works?




I am new to F5 and wanted to know how the VLANs communicate in F5. Say I have created external_v1 and internal_v1. Then when the packets come to external_v1 virtual server, how does the packets distributed to the members in the internal_v1 vlan network?




the next question is,



if i have configure virtual servers internally, how does the client in external_v1 vlan receive the packets from the servers in the internal_v1 vlan?





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  • In typical deployments, your F5 device will have interfaces on both an external VLAN and an internal VLAN. The Virtual Server IP Addresses usually reside on the external VLAN while the pool member/server addresses are usually on the internal VLAN. When a packet reaches a Virtual Server, it's destination address is that of the Virtual Server. The F5 device will then send the packet to the Pool Member/Server, translating the destination address at the same time.



    External and Internal are simply terms used...they don't necessarily mean public facing/internal facing. Typically, just consider them "Virtual Server VLANs" and "Pool Member/Server VLANs." I hope that answers your questions.