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Oct 23, 2023

how do I detect the rst returned by the server?

HI,     For example 2, I want to use irules to detect the rst of the source's response。 1.When the server goes down, return the response page 500 status via Monitors and irules; 2.When the s...
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    Oct 24, 2023

    小白 As jaikumar_f5 recommended you should be able to use LB_FAILED in conjunction with HTTP::redirect in this event and send the user to a URL stating the reset was caused by the pool member being down. Other than that I believe your only other option is to increase logging and log resets from pool members. The issue here is the F5 automatically forwards the reset received from the server to the client if configured this way. Any action take will not be based on the reset the pool member sends but the action that occurs the next time the client attempts to connect to the pool member that it has a persisted connection to. This seems like a whole lot of work just to know where you are receiving a reset from if you aren't experiencing an issue related to this.