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Jul 13, 2012

How can we separate instance on servers?




we have two servers.There are two instance on the servers and the instances are running with two different tcp port on the servers for single application like 41000 and 56000. That's why each instance name appear to be java.exe in task manager on the servers. And so we have to separate the instance from each other. Do you think how can we do that ?. And after separating that how can we do load balancing according to that?



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  • not sure if i understand your question correctly. doesn't it normally create pool/pool member (ip:port)?


  • Hi Can,



    Yes, you can certainly do that.



    The BIG-IP will treat each Pool Member IP Address as a Node, and each Pool Member and Port Number combination as an instance.














    So if you have two members of a pool that are:





    They will be treated as different servers and load balanced according to whatever method you have applied to the pool.



    Hope this helps.
  • Hello,



    Thank you for your quick reply.However,that's not what i meant.There are two virtual server on the bigip and each virtual server has same ip address. But they have just different port as ı mentioned above like 41000 and 56000.Yes fort that process I have two pool members But I have already assigned two pool members each on the virtual server.because while clients are requesting to virtual server,clients are running two tcp port like 41000 and 56000.and these ports are wanted ro run on the same node.In short You can find the topology below,



    client: and 56000 ports



    Cllient has two tcp port to connect to server

  and 56000 port



    Virtual server



    İt is listening :41000 and 56000 for a client



    Pool members: and


    Pool member: and



    Source adress affinity: marked match across services



    in this situation I guess we need to retrieve. because when we observe on the server we see that all the instance to be appear java.exe in task manager on the server. By the way bigip is located on network as snat



    If I give an example: If port is 41000, we want to see that port name is appeared java1.exe in task manager on server else may be java.exe. Do you think is that possible?



    note: The architecture has only tcp traffic and there is no web server on the server.That architecture is client to server.



    thank you.