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Oct 28, 2011

How can I see the config diff between two units?

I logged onto our Active unit today and noticed the "Sync Recommended" indicator on. It says the last config change to this unit was a few days ago, but no one in the admin group seems to know what change was actually made.



I'm a relative newb to the F5 platform, is there a good way to determine exactly what the config differences are between the two units?



Thanks in advance!


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    I take it Audit logging isn't enabled - this would've told you which changes were made.



    Otherwise, what I've done in the past is copy the bigip.conf file off both boxes and windiff them to see what differences there are.



    Another thought, there may not have been any changes at all but the f5 is still reporting a config sync's required. See for one example.



    Hope this helps,


  • Nathan,



    Audit logging was enabled, but didn't show anything useful, so I'm guessing it was that caveat you sent in that link.



    Thanks a bunch!