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Feb 02, 2022

How can i monitor F5-big ip License

Hello every body,

I have a question about the F5-big ip license, the license is divided over the several TMM's

What metrics I have to monitor to see if the TMM is not getting over the license? 

I saw that it's possible to configure a threshold on the device it self, and that you than get a Warning in the error log.

But we want to monitor the device with a Performance Tool. 

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  • Not sure if this is for a VE license or some other license but I wrote a health check for VE licenses for a company called Indeni a few years ago. When I did that check I calculated the limit of the device using a script by following this article:

    Then we polled the device using REST but you should be able to do this with SNMP too using Zabbix/Prometheus or whatever platform you use to warn you when the limit is approaching.

    Kind regards,