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Dec 06, 2011

How can do multible monitoring on the single member?

Hi There;



We have four servers also each servers have ten applications and The apllications running different on the urls but The urls and applications running same port :80 on the IIS server so when we close the port 80 on the f5 pool member for updating process all applications and urls reflected this configuation actually we want monitoring configuration urls controls on the each servers with irule or external script monitor. How can do the configuration? What is your suggestions the issue. Because The customer doesn't want to change the ports of urls



for example:



thats it




thanks for your support and cooperation


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  • just curious why creating a pool for each application with its own health montor is not workable.



    is there anything i missed?
  • Hi;


    I apologise for mistake


    Actually The configuration is wanted by the customer so we have to do this configuration. because they don't change the configuration


    Four nodes are being on the single pool also alll nodes are listining 80 port on the single IIS server.