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Sep 07, 2013

How can code share external monitor scripts be used?

I work for a vendor that distributes F5 LTMs as part of a system (software and hardware). I need to solve a specific problem with the built in health monitors and so have taken an (EAV) external monitor script from the advanced design & config code share examples.


I've got the problem solved using the script I have written (derived from one I took from the code share page), but the license stated in all these "code share" sample EAV scripts give me pause as to whether I can simply now distribute my derived script with our system. You can see an example of the license if you look at one of the sample EAV scripts.


A snippet of the license that gives me pause for example:


 ...It is against the law to copy the software.  No part of the software may
 be reproduced, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means,
 electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or information
 storage and retrieval systems, for any purpose without the express written
 permission of F5 Networks, Inc.

Can anyone point me to a "plain text" description that might explain to me in plain text and hopefully show me my misinterpretation and tell I'm allowed to use and distribute my derived EAV script? Or will I actually need to get involved with F5 lawyers/business-people to give me legal permission from F5 to use the script? (it seems odd to have these scripts on the "code share" page with licenses that imply the scripts can't be used).


I have searched, but the term "license" overwhelmingly returns topics on F5 system licenses rather than the "legal license" meaning I need.


Thanks for your help!


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  • Hi Glen,


    My personal opinion is that that copyright text was probably blindly copied from F5 proprietary code (to the sample monitors that come with BIG-IP and then copied again to the Codeshare examples) and not intended to restrict Codeshare entries. By my definition, the Codeshare is intended to allow for the free exchange of sample code.


    I'll check with the Devcentral team and see what they can do to update the "license" that's listed in some of the Codeshare entries.




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    Just don't claim the code is your own and you'll probably be OK I think...