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Sep 25, 2019

Horizon Client with F5 and VMware Connection Server

Hi Guys,



I'm trying to figure out how I can implemented Horizon Client to connect to F5 which will then load balance connections to the pool of Connection Servers without having user to fill in their username / password ("Login as current user" enabled in Horizon Client).


Right now, if I connect my Horizon Client directly to one of the VMware Connection Server, I don't have to fill in the login / password form.


If, I configuration Horizon Client to connect to VIP on the F5 and I configure an APM (I went through de F5 template), then I have a popup window to enter my username / password.


I'm looking for an APM that will "transparently" authenticate the user before accessing the Connection Server.



How can I manage this ?



Thanks for your support,




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  • Hello, how does the the Horizon Client do this natively? APM does support NTLM Auth and Kerberos Auth which would probably work for the browser, but I am not sure they would work with the Horizon Client.

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    Did you ever get this working? We are also facing this issue and it will really help if you can share your solution/workaround for this. Thank you.