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Apr 26, 2022

Horizon Client "login as current user" with F5 and VMware Connection Server

we are trying to figure out how to implemented Horizon Client to connect to F5 which will then load balance connections to the pool of Connection Servers without having user to fill in their username / password ("Login as current user" enabled in Horizon Client).


Right now, if we connect the Horizon Client directly to one of the VMware Connection Server, we don't have to fill in the login / password in the screen, 

If anyone has implemented this, please share the solution. 

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  • Have you got the HTTP Client working?
    Or is this just purely the client?
    We looked at the SAML solution, but it would have made the rest of the platform and i think Horizon Licensing a bit of a pain in our currently deployment. But that "might" work. Having said that we are using Horzion with APM in our case.

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      Can you please explain a bit more. Are you able to imlement this in your env.