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Nov 26, 2022

High CPU utilization for only cpu 0

I have 8 CPUs in multi thread format but only CPU 0 utilization goes 100 and rest 7 CPUs utilization remains under 30%.

I am using 2 LTM in active-active mode and it is happening for both the LTMs.



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  • Multiple things are in play here. Half your CPUs are for data, the others for management. So the question quickly is which of the two types are going to 100%.


    I dont quite see the 100% on one in your screenshots. in principle it should be shared over multiple CPUs, but that is if you haven't turned off CMP.


    Have a go at sharing what Amine is asking, to go in real detail it might be better to open a support ticket. With someone actually looking in your environment things can become easier.

  •  Adding top commapnd resutls for 4 different F5 virtual devices, all has just cpu 0 high, rest others are ok.

  • As per this article, tmm.0's CPU and Memory usage is for the total numbers of TMM instances on the blade or the platform.

    Check the actual usage using the follwing tmsh command :

    tmsh show /sys tmm-info