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Jul 18, 2012

help for active/active




we have two bigip3900 boxes and there is no configuration on those . And we want to run active/active the boxes. Actually, I have upgraded the boxes to v11.2 hf1 and I have configured the HA.However,I am not able to go on because of traffic groups.let me be clear,


there are both external and internal interface on the each boxes.and I have created second traffic group on both devices.But all services are provided in the same network on both external and internal. there are 100 virtual servers and we want to separate from each this point I have created a second traffic group on both device.However, Need I manually configure all the virtual server on each unit? and also Need I give flooting-ip over the traffic group1 network for second traffic group on each units? or is that possible? because as mentioned before all the virtual severs and applications are in the same network on both external and internal I will separate.



As active first 50 virtual server are wanted on unit1 and other last 50 virtual server are wanted on unit2 but If unit1 fails, unit2 will take over all load of the unit1. the same scenario is valid for unit2.



For example both unit have only one network address there is no another network for other virtual servers that they supplied. so I'm worry for traffic group-2 flooting ip ?



external self ip address:


floating traffic group-1


flooting ???????????? traffic group-2 is there need?


internal sef ip address:


floating traffic group-1



please help me about this matter because I have been reviewing related to this topic for a week but frankly I have not found any clearly document



thank you in advance,







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  • Hello again,



    Does somebody has an information about above topic?



    thank you in advance


  • You can perform all of the configurations on one of the appliances and then sync it over to the second appliance(assuming your configuration synchronization is working properly). You will configure floating IP addresses for each traffic-group to ensure that when a failover occurs the floating IP address for the traffic group moves over to the other appliance.



  • Hello Waterfall,


    Are you solved your issue because I've exactly the problem: Active/Active cluster with two traffic-Group with an Active VIP on first appliance (Traffic-group1) and other active VIP in second appliance (traffic-Group2).... But the network is the same for all objects (vlan, selfIP, poll members ...)