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May 24, 2011

HELP ASM subsystem error - Failed to send command to DCC... force to reboot while importing XML policy with intern wdsl definitions




When I try to import a XML policy(which is just exported from destination) with GUI, the ASM module log an error :



May 24 09:36:33 local/fwi-qsips-vdm05 crit perl[7075]: 01310027:2: ASM subsystem error (,F5::NwdUtils::VerifyDcc::get_dms_status): Failed to send command to DCC...




The GUI is "waiting for few minutes"...


The SSH access is down...



and then...a reboot appears....COOL !



May 24 09:41:32 boot_marker: ---===[ HD1.1 - BIG-IP 10.1.0 Build 3402.0 ]===---


May 24 09:44:54 local/fwi-qsips-vdm05 info[5926]: Setting ibdata1 size finished successfully, a new size is: 8466M


May 24 09:45:02 local/fwi-qsips-vdm05 notice (ts_proc)[3640]: (0)(INIT_OK): ASM initialization started


May 24 09:45:31 local/fwi-qsips-vdm05 info perl[3640]: 01310028:6: ASM subsystem info (,main::handle_agent_msg): ASM initialized successfully


May 24 09:45:32 local/fwi-qsips-vdm05 debug tsconfd[6248]: mcpd_bridge_thread started


May 24 09:45:33 local/fwi-qsips-vdm05 notice dcc[6248]: 01310022:5: ASM started successfully




Question : why ? even if th policy I try to import is an exported one, from this BigIP !!!!



Complementary informations :


- BIG-IP 10.1.0 Build 3402.0 Hotfix HF2


- This policy is defined for 2 WS Soap with 2 wdsl definitions yet imported and stored in




Thaks in advance for your help..