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Feb 03, 2021

Health Monitor Timers

Our web developers want a health monitor with the polling interval separated from the timeout for a missed poll. This is for an external monitor but timers for these are in the standard TLM config. So for example....



00:00 Poll sent

00:02 Response received (2 seconds)

00:20 Poll sent

00:26 Response received (6 seconds)

00:40 Poll sent

00:51 10 second timeout. Missed poll count = 1

01:00 Poll sent

01:11 10 second timeout. Missed poll count = 2

01:20 Poll sent

01:31 10 second timeout. Missed poll count = 3 (Poll member marked down due to 3 consecutive misses)

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  • This can be implemented with an external monitor. I would suggest the following settings in LTM:

    Interval: 20

    Timeout: 51


    And implement the 10 seconds timeout in the script with a pseudo code like that:


    if (everything is OK)

    echo "up"


    sleep 10 #or 11