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Oct 04, 2021

Health Monitor logs not showing up

We have health monitor attached to pool member on F5-LTM version 15.1.2.  A health monitor reports the status of a pool. So whenever any pool member goes down, ideally it should get logged. But I am unable to view the health monitor logs on the F5.


  • Only when the 'Pool' goes down or comes back up, as shown below, such log messages appear.

Oct 1 07:43:53 TD-F5 err tmm[11722]: 01010028:3: No members available for pool /Common/internal_nexus-lab_pool

Oct 1 07:47:27 TD-F5 notice tmm1[11722]: 01010221:5: Pool /Common/internal_nexus-lab_pool now has available members


  • But, the health monitor logs are missing. I am looking for logs that indicate when a health monitor marks pool members as down or up, something like this:

Sep 19 03:30:43 TD-F5 notice mcpd[7077]: 01070638:5: Pool /Common/internal_dev_pool member /Common/ monitor status down. [ /Common/tcp: down ] [ was up for 46hrs:43mins:1sec ]

Sep 27 05:18:24 TD-F5 notice mcpd[7077]: 01070727:5: Pool /Common/internal_dev_pool member /Common/ monitor status up. [ /Common/tcp: up ] [ was down for 244hrs:27mins:15sec ]


Such log messages do not seem to be appear in the logs. I tried to view the logs using CLI as well as GUI.


Can anyone help to understand how to obtain these logs or if I am missing something?

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  • is there also a monitor on the nodes?

    also check that the log does not contain the message "Per-invocation log rate exceeded; throttling."