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Apr 01, 2011

Health monitor citrix XTE (tcp/2598)

I have a pool of citrix servers, load balancing the XTE service (tcp/2598).


The health monitor configured is a standard tcp monitor.


This, however, results in the citrix log being filled up, since the big-ip connects, but does not communicates with the XTE service as expected, ref:



Does anybody have any experience with health monitoring of this service?








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  • XTE communication is in binary (encrypted?). I believe it's quite difficult to create a monitor to talk to this port directly.



    As an alternative, you can monitor it using WMI by query-ing the XTE service status (from Win32_Service).



    At this moment, BIGIP doesn't have a built in wmi support but you can build it. For more detailed step, you can go to this link:





    In this article, the monitor is for Terminal Server service but you can modify it for XTE.



    Make sure you've tested the solution before implementing in production. Let us know if you need help.