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Apr 22, 2020

Health check on F5 Load Balancer

How people perform the health check on F5 device?

What kind of command or API will be use in order to check the health of F5 device ?

It would be helpful for me if anyone can help me.




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  • You can use below commands to check status/health of F5 device.



    tmsh show sys cpu --- Check cpu status

    tmsh show sys connection ---- check current open connections

    tmsh show sys memory --- Check memory usage

    df -h --- Check memory usage

    tmsh show sys hardware --- Check hardware status

    tmsh show cm failover-status – Check HA/Failover status

    tmsh show sys traffic – Traffic Statistics

    tmsh show cm sync-status ---- Check sync status

    tmsh show cm traffic-group --- Check Traffic-Groups

    uptime --- Check F5 device uptime

    tmsh show ltm virtual --- Check connection status on VS

    tmsh show sys ha-status --- Check HA status

    tmsh show sys service --- Check all services status and up time.

    tmsh show sys availability --- Check system availability status


    Hope it helps!