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Nov 03, 2023

HA setup for non VCMP

We have 2 Hardwrae models BIG-IP i5800 and 5050(c109)

F5 support forming HA with different hardware models while the software versions are identical. But in this scenario, since one of the platform is vCMP and the other is not, it might not as expected.

5050(c109) does NOT support Virtualization(vCMP)

Then, Things we need is that our5050(not vCMP) can form HA with only 1 guest inside the vCMP host? (our i5800 has 2 guests, but we need HA only between 5050 and 1guest in 5800), Can it possible ?



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  • Hello,

    I think configuring the HA depends on the software version as a main part. I didn't test your request before, but I have configured HA between VCMP guest, and BIG-IP tenants on the new r-series devices before and it was working fine. So logically speaking, it should work, but you can check with the F5 support team by opening a case, and they will provide you with the relevant information.


    Mohamed Salah