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Jan 10, 2012

Ha Nodes Differences

when i see the status saying "sync recommened" , i want now to check what conf changes is existing between master & backup before i sync , which command ( or GUI Tab ) can do that ?



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  • as far as i know it is not possible. the other way around is to compare config file manually e.g. /config/bigip.conf.
  • This would make a great request for enhancement sshssh. If you are interested in seeing this type of functionality added to the product, could you open a case with F5 Support and ask them to note your request? Support can reference RQ-LTM-0000978.



    As Nitass says, you could copy the bigip.conf (or an export of the config to an SCF file) from one unit to the other as a new file and then use sdiff or diff to compare the configurations.



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    That's an interesting one for sure. I haven't heard this request before but I can imagine it would benefit multiple customers. This is worth mentioning to support and pushing up the chain.