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Apr 19, 2012

HA configuration v11.1

Hi all,


I need hel with HA configuration in V11.1


I have one bax with some VS and I need add a second box and make the HA pair.


I made Device trust, Device group, config IP Network failover IP. But devices are sill disconected.


What do I have to do?



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  • you have enabled network failover in device group (device management > device groups > name > failover), haven't you?
  • Yes, net-failover is enabled.


    I thik, there is some problem with device's certificates. Do I have to run some CLI command, or something else?


  • is time in sync?


    is there any error in /var/log/ltm?


    have you ever reset trust-domain (delete cm trust-domain all)? did it help?