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Apr 25, 2012

GTM/LTM Combo Box in LTM HA Pair

Recently upgraded a bigip HA pair from v9.3.1 to 10.2.3HF1. The active member is provisioned as a ltm/gtm combo box while the standby is just ltm. After the upgrade, a config sync from active to standby auto provisioned the GTM module even though there was no license for it.



Is anyone running this setup on v10? Do you have the same config sync problem? Obviously before the upgrade this behavior did not occur. F5 support is saying we need to modify a cs.dat file to not include bigip_sys but i'm not a fan of that since the file is overwritten during the upgrade process...


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  • Hi Brad,



    This is expected. Here are two related SOLs:



    sol13533: Change in Behavior: Resource provisioning is no longer synchronized between redundant pair members during ConfigSync operations




    sol12322: Provisioning requirements for BIG-IP redundant pairs in which the BIG-IP GTM module is licensed on only one of the units