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Sep 02, 2021

GTM/BIG IP DNS - Geolocation for a single URL/single country



So interesting thing came across my desk. Client wants to have a country be redirected to a datacenter for a single URL while leaving all other geolocation settings alone. I have multiple datacenters with two BIG IP DNS GTMs and this particular URL is load balanced via WideIP with Topology preference on the pool members. Currently traffic has 4 different datacenters it can go to, but due to how the geolocation is set, they feel that the traffic for this particular URL should go to another datacenter for latency reasons. They do not want to change geolocation for anything else, just this one URL dealing with this one country. I have seen some iRules that can be used for LTM and GTM stuff, but more for blocking, not redirecting. Is that something that can be done with the GTM?


Guess the way to simplify it to the smallest form,


Is there an iRule that can be placed on a WideIP that notices the country of origin and from that dictate what pool member it should send it to?

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