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May 05, 2011

GTM WideIP Persistence

Hi Team,



This is the first time, I posting on DevCentral, so bare with me if i make any mistake.




I would like to know couple of things,




1> Not sure what type of Persistence used on GTM. Read about selective DNS persistence but not sure if that will work with my current design.




2> I have a got our network setup as below,




1 GTM and 2 LTMs on each site (only 2 sites are there).




On LTM, with cookie persistence (Cookie insert mode) SSL profile, we can maintain the local traffic persistency, however as per my understanding GTM also needs to be configured for Persistence to select 1 datacenter for same user, i believe its called WideIP Persistence.




Can anyone please help me with the documentation for WideIP Persistence configuration template.




Any help will be highly appreciated.




If needed I can post the Diagram to clarify my questions.








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  • Here's an overview on GTM persistence:





  • Nathan,



    Static Persistence could be an option. Have you got any documentation or template (GUI based will be good one)to understand how to configure the static Persistence. The reason I am asking is to understand the exact concept and implement the config.








    The link is really helpful, however, the configuration is meant for distributed application. However, with my config,




    1> I can see nothing configured under distribution tab on GUI of GTM.




    2> I could see simple wideIP configured and under that tab, with my wideIP, there is a pool available and under that pool i can see the option for persitence ... So when i enable it, it ask for TTL value. I believe this looks like simple static persistence .. What say ..!!




    Do i need to configure LDNS persistence .???




    NOTE:: If needed, I can provide you the diagram.




    Thanks for the support guys ..!!


  • Hello everyone, i'm also stuck with same scenario & would like to know if GTM persistence has table to maintain (can we verify using CLI)?