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Jan 14, 2014

GTM, LTM & ASM on the same box

Hi Folks,


Recently I have faced a challenge that the F5 box has GTM, LTM & ASM on the same box and I need to do the inbound and outbound load balancing. I am unable to figure out as to how the Load balancing will be done through the box which is sitting out side the firewall for inner servers and how the internal users will be served Do i have to create separate Virtual servers set one set on the Public IP addresses and another on Private.... really need some guidance or recommendation...




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  • This is certainly a way to do it and it makes sense to maintain separation by using different interfaces and using the port lockdown appropriately. As you say, match the VSs to the correct interfaces. You can use the source address to specify which network range can access a VS. Make a good map of required traffic to which VS and work from that.