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May 06, 2014

GTM Doesn't sync (iqsyncer currently running)



I'm change IP of GTM2 (Self IP, Listener,..) and experience this issue when I config some wide ip on GTM2, The config doesn't sync and gtm log have error below. (But If I config from GTM1 , It'll synced)


May 6 15:39:33 bigip01-ve notice gtmd[5683]: 011a001c:5: SYNC bigip_gtm.conf from skipped. Reason: iqsyncer currently running from


What is this problem? I can't find this kind of problem anywhere Thank you


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  • Try running iqdump on GTM2 to see if that gives you any more information into what is happening. From CLI (bash shell) of GTM2:


    iqdump GTM1ipaddress


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      We sometimes have issues with the sync status getting stuck on our LTMs and have to restart the services (bigstart restart) on the standby unit. This sounds like a different situation, but perhaps restarting the services on your GTM2 would help?
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      We experienced an issue similar to yours. While working with Support, we found an MTU size on the OTV of the network path that was not adjusted big. They changed that and now everything is working as expected.