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Feb 24, 2012

GTM DNS Questions



When i configure Local DNS to let my GTM respond to DNS requests fro , i have the following questions :




1-is it Local DNS who asks GTM for the ip of "" & then respond to the client , or it instructs the client to send DNS request to GTM asking for it ?




2-on my local DNs , i need to define self IP of which GTM if i have 2 GTMs , if i defined both which once will receive DN requests ?




2 Replies

  • 1. the client request goes to their LDNS, the LDNS then uses recursive queries to find the IP address, once it has an IP then it provides it to the initiating client who then makes a separate connection to the IP address.



    2. You generally define 2+ name servers and the only thing we cant control is which NS is given out, if we take an example of 2 NS then each NS will be used about 50/50 although there are different methods used to dish these out depending on the DNS server (MS, UNIX etc) although generally each one will be used roughly 50% of the time. This means that both the GTM's will receive queries although we adjust the GTM load balancing method to decide which site we want clients to be load balanced to.