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Nov 10, 2011

GTM deployment

Hi All, I'm going to be implementing F5 GTM's and LTM in 2 datacenters. looking for all the info/guides I can gather as Im new to F5.




I found 3 useful guides and will list them : the gtm_impl_v11.0.pdf, the gtm_concepts_guide_v11 and the big-ip-global-traffic-manager-ds.pdf



does anyone have more information or documentation exist besides what I have?



Looking to see more scenerios as I figure out how to implement at my sites. Any help appreciated




thank you for any help,




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  • Hi George! First off, welcome to F5 and the DevCentral community. Those are good docs to start with concerning global load balancing. Are you starting with v11? If so, for local load balancing I'd recommend getting in the lab and deploying an iApp on a well known application, like Exchange or Sharepoint, where you can answer a few questions and have the BIG-IP build out the configuration for you. It will have a summary screen of each object created, which you then can drill down into and look at each object and the settings. Starting here will give you an idea of the objects you'll need for deploying your own applications. of course, if your applications are already listed in the iApp templates, that is the best way to go. They are customizable if there are certain settings that don't work for you. Or, you can model your applications from the templates as well. Keep in touch, there is a large community of users ready to help. Your more likely to get answers your looking for if you provide specific details on deployment scenarios and errors encountered along the way.
  • ltms im ok w/ question is if I am going to run a gtm in a backup data center w/ it's own ltms and a primary data center w/ its own ltms in reading the docs (and I know this is a loaded question) but I was thinking the gtm's would exchange data and each datacenters gtm would query the ltm local to it and pass that data on (am I wrong in this thinking?)



    one deployment guide led me to believe that you code both gtms to query not only it's local ltms but the other data centers ltm's as well.



    so im kinda stuck at the moment- I want both gtm's to be live and answer internet queries but the backup data center will not have much running in it unless we are in a DR scenerio.
  • GTMs will check status of all LTMs via iQuery if the bigip monitor is used on the LTM at a server level. Firewall ports will need to be setup and possibly nat definitions on your GTMs for server and virtual server depending on configurations. global availability is probably what you want for DR scenario.