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Jul 04, 2011

GTM and Central Authentication Service



I work for a university and have recommended the use of GTM to provide HA for its CAS deployment. The challenge here is that I need to provide the application in a active-active build across geographically separate datacenters. The main issue I am having to resolve is a persistence problem in the way the CAS works.


1) I am assuming that the site persistence offered by the GTM is sufficient to ensure that the user's browser returns to the same datacenter after the initial connection.


2) However, for the proper functioning of CAS, I have to ensure that the application which talks to CAS service to validate the user's authentication also reaches the same datacenter as the user's session is. Without which I have to replicate the users session across the datacenters. I am limited by the bandwidth and latency between the datacenters.




Given this scenario, what is the best way to accomplish this ? I have read through the GTM manual and the implementation guide. Can this be accomplished by some kind of iRule at the GTM ? Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated.


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