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Apr 20, 2012

GTM and Akamai




We have a customer who has 3 datacenters (LA, NY, and Dallas) in an active/active/active configuration using GTMs and topology load balancing. Recently we had a report that Akamai servers were hitting the wrong origin server based on the real location of the Akamai servers. After updating the geolocation database, there was still an Akamai server in NY being sent to Dallas. When looking at the ARIN information, their ip address is recorded out of Panama, which matched the information in the geolocation DB.



The customer went to Akamai and their answer was essentially that we're out of luck. They make no real effort to update ARIN and also since they offer a competing global DNS product, are not inclined to assist us in providing updates.



Is the geolocation DB truly relying on ARIN information for it's updates?



Has anyone ever come across this before and have any ideas on a way to work around this that would be more proactive than reactive?



We are running version 10.1.0 and I noticed that later versions have more recent geolocation database updates. Maybe they include the updates we need...



I will open a case with F5 on this to see what they say but if anyone has some insight to the geolocation DB updates and this issue, please let me know. Thanks.








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  • So far we're still up a creek...



    In v10 we began to use teh Quova database in our products. This is a third party product that we implement into our functionality, but we do not directly code this. The following solutions notes how to work on inaccuracies you may find in this
  • Re-write the clientssl profile into memory. Change something on the GUI for the profile, then chane it back, and press update. Or just "b load" from the CLI. Also remember that the key and certificate must match up ... So if it woks on the server, copy both files (key & cert) to the F5.