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Oct 19, 2021

GSLB via DNS local still resolve ip address unavailable ( member down)

Dear all

I have a GSLB system with wide IP list:

and pool GSLB member: TTL=600 . Load Balancing Method: Round Robin

i have try test

  1. From client nslookup to listener F5 GSLB, when a member down ex: wiki 2 down >> I only receive reply IP address for wiki 1 .100 >> OK (Correct)
  2. But when I nslookup via LDNS ( on LDNS config Delegation DNS to F5 for then wifi 2 .102 down ( disable) I sitll recive ip wiki2 .102 when nslookup domain >> Not correct >> down service


Do you know solution to it ?


Hoang Hung


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