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Apr 25, 2012

getting first part of uri

im looking for a way to only get the first part of an uri



so in all case i should only get test1












findstr seems to be an interesting option, but i don't believe it can have several possibilities for the findstr command deliminator, so it terminates on for example / and ?, what would be a way to do this?


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  • Hi,



    You can use HTTP::path to parse the path without the query string and then use scan to get the first directory:



    scan [HTTP::path] {/%[^/.]} dir


    log $dir






  • Or with better error handling:

    if {[scan [HTTP::path] {/%[^/.]} dir] == 1}{
       log local0. "parsed $dir"
    } else {
       log local0. "no dir parsed"

  • looks good, just wondering about the {/%[^/.]} part, can i just list multiple chars there i want to cause the value to be put in dir? like it is now, will it terminate on / and . ?
  • i tested this and indeed, multiple chars are possible and it will trigger on any from the list, this does exactly what i need.