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Oct 18, 2011

Get "unit id" from redundancy with iControl




how can i get the "Unit-ID" from the redundancy-section?



In the Web-Interface you can get the info with


System - High Availability - Redundancy - General Properties



bye Andreas



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  • Hi splion,



    Try the get_platform_id ( method.


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    Hi Splion,



    I think this may be what you're looking for:



  • Hi,



    thanks for your replies.



    management::Device is a feature of iControl v11 but i use the v10.



    The unit-id from SelfIP::get_unit_id is not the Unit-ID i need. I need the Unid-ID from the redundancy-section.



    bye Andreas


  • Splion,


    you will find the HA unit id in the DB variable "Failover.UnitID". iControl gives access to the DB variables via Management::DBVariable::query.



    Hope that helps.





    Kurt Knochner