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May 29, 2012

ftp, sftp and ftps on one ip number

Hi all,



I have an server that runs ftp, sftp and ftps on the same device.


I have started to setup the LTM and using all ports on the virtuell server and the ftp profile.


Using ICMP on the monitor.




Is it posible to setup all three aplication using the viruell server, the above?


Normal ftp is working ok, both active and passive.




Regards Jan



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  • Hi,



    The best option would be creation of three VIPs (with this same IP address), each of them listening on the port number specific for the specific service on the server (node), and creating 3 different pools for each VIP. This way you will have more control in the case of failure of any of those services.



    I would also suggest using different health check than icmp (to use specific one for the service port), icmp tests only the node, but not the service ie.ftp.



    You could use one VIP listening on all ports for all of them but that solution you have single point of failure and no flexibility with health checking of the services on the server.