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May 12, 2011

FTP active problem when asm was disabled




We were running 9.4.8 hf3 and we decided to disable asm and when we did that it broke active ftp because it seems it breaks the source port for ftp. So we had to change our ftp profile from port 0 to port 20.



The have provided hf4 with engineering fix and say this will fix the problem.



My question is currently we are using ftp profile with data port 0 which mean ANY port . So after I install this hf4 with engineering fix do i need to change the port to 20 to make active/passive inbound and outbound ftp to work????



I believe data port 0 will work





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  • Hi Kirit,



    If you haven't already, I'd check with the NSE or ENE who gave you the hotfix to check this.