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Sep 06, 2011

Forcing offline nodes and connections loss


What happens with current active connections on a node when the node


suddenly turns off (because of physical problem or because of un-scheduled restart)?? Are those connections lost, or are redirected to another node member of the same pool?



Also, sometimes we need to perform some maintenance tasks on some of the servers, and need to take the node out of the pool (put the node offline). When selecting the node and setting its status as forced offline, some connections seem to remain active. How do we know when we can properly reboot or turn off the node without droping the current active connections??





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    With Forced Online no new or returning connections (i.e. persistent) will be allowed but you will still see active connections for a time - depending on what service you're load balancing and the timeout values are of course - until they all drop off. When I need to do maintenance I'll Force Offline, go to Statistics (or do this via the CLI) and wait for the connections to drop to zero. With short lived services this doesn't take too long.



    As for your first query, there will be a break in connection but a new connection will get sent to a pool member that's up. I suppose what the client sees again depends on the application and if it's happy with connection drops.



    Hope this is useful