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Jun 13, 2012

fooling client DNS

I am getting ready to move all of my sites to a different data center and have been asked to be able to redirect traffic from our existing data center to the new datacenter using the F5 LTM's. (we do not yet have the GTM's in place) The problem is the domains will be transfering to the new IP's. We want to ensure that only host who still has the old IP gets redirected to the new IP in the new DataCenter.



Is there a way to fool the client's DNS to go to the new IP address while DNS records are propogating through the internet DNS servers? I cant tell the clients to go to the IP address as the app will redirect to the domain name on an incoming connection. Any ideas?



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    Since this is a short term solution the easy thing to do is update the pool member of the LTM is the data center you are moving from with the IP address of the VIP in the new data center. This will force client with the old IP address through the old LTM which will LB to the new data center and to the application. There will be more latency but it will work and as DNS propagates through the internet less and less people will use it till all servers are updated. Once that happens you can remove the config from the old unit.