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Jun 08, 2012

FirePass to APM Conversion - tcl help needed

I am hoping this is the correct forum ...




How do I replicate this functionality from the FirePass in APM ? I make extensive use of Network Access, so rather than manage lots of resources and the associated assignments. To control IP address access on a per user basis, this is stored in Active Directory in the notes field, which is basically free text, of the user profile. The entry looks like this ...












When the FirePass parses this it creates the session variables and, which contain their respective values. I then use the session variables as the Lan space address in the network access resource.




The APM, handles this very differently. The session variable becomes and set to '46697265506173730d0a56504e3a203139322e3136382e302e302f3234203139322e3136382e312e33203139322e3136382e352e3135203139322e3136382e3132382e302f32350d0a56504e5f4578636c7564653a203139322e3136382e302e302f3238', which is the hex ASCII representation. Ultimately I need to end up with a session variable such as, that would contain the list




I can use this in the network access resource in the same way as the FirePass. I am not familiar with tcl, but I do know that I can use the binary format command to convert the session variable back to a string. I am wondering if anyone else has had to solve this problem or something similar or can help with the code.







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