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Mar 16, 2011

Firepass, client download - Edge client, not present (Resolved)



I was following the steps in the m_fp_ios_client_app.pdf document, a guide called "FirePass Controller Configuration for BIG-IP Edge Client App".



One of the steps to configuring the authentication of iOS products says to go to "Device Management > Client Downloads > BIG-IP Edge Client", however the BIG-IP Edge Client is not present in the Client Download list...



Any chance someone here has encountered the same issue and has some thoughts on the subject?




I've tried searching the DevC, KB/ASK and even resorted to google without any luck, unfortunately. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. My sincerest apologies if my question is vague or lacking of details. I will attempt to give as much detailed information as/if requested.



Thank you.









which links to:







Issue resolved.


I completely skipped this step that troubled me. The BIG-IP Edge Client option under Downloads is non-present. This step, in the guide, can be ignored on firePass 6.1.0



Also made a new AD/Resource group for the iPad and now it connects. Works like a charm, I would say.