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Mar 26, 2011

firepass and remote domain joins (vmware ace, sysprep...)




I am testing VMWare ACE which has a function to do remote domain joins automatically when setting up a remote VM using sysprep.




I am testing this with a firepass VE trial, so new version of the software and I need it to work with windows XP.




After XP has booted completely, there is no problem starting up the VPN software, but if I try to start during the sysprep phase, then things do not work all that great.




With the BIG-IP edge client and legacy firepass client, I seem to be able to log in to the firepass, but no working connection is established. Actually, the client seems to believe the session is there...




If I try to start IE and log in, then the login "hangs" for a couple of minutes before it goes on and successfully establishes the connection.


Problem is that this takes so long that the domain join code times out.




I have also tried the windows dialup networking support, but both on XP and Windows 7, it fails with an Error 615 also when the system is fully booted.




Anyone has any idea what could be with the F5 software that makes the session setup slow when done during sysprep?






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