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Jul 06, 2011

Firepass 6.1.0 & Edge Client routing

Hi everyone,



After a lot of tests I haven't managed to connect an iOS device (iPad/iPhone both tested) to a Firepass 1000 running v6.1.0. Tried all possible configuration options with the exception of the "Edge Client" options as they are not available in 6.1.x series. I've also read all the resources F5 has to offer (eg: but unfortunately nothing is working.




The problem seems to be in the routing applied after authentication. Done tests with "split tunnel" or "full traffic" but nothing changed. From the Edge Client status popup the IP assignment seems OK but I don't know what else to check. Neither traceroute or ping work on any internal destination.




So far I've only had success by connecting through another available Firepass which is running v7.1.0 and I'm not quite sure if the 7.1.x is the case. As F5 states, 6.1.x is also supported for Edge Client access. After a lot of searching I've also detected another post in here which states that there has been a successful connection with 6.1.0 and the iOS Edge Client. (




Except from the already documented info is there any other suggestion regarding any HotFixes that might do the trick ?


Any suggestion are welcome.








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  • I wish I had more information for you. I've tested this with 7.0 with no issues and with 7.1. I would create a tech support ticket and see if it's even routing properly in 6.x code.