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Nov 16, 2011

filtering traffic based on post data


I'm trying to allow traffic based on data being posted to our site.


this is what;s happening on the client side:







METHOD='POST' NAME='Test1' ID='Test1' action=''>








I want to be able to allow traffic to my side only based on identifying the key posted in this request.


Does this make sense? If not, is there any other way similar to this, in which I will be able to identify traffic coming to me from a different site?





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  • Hi Reldar,



    So the resulting request to the LTM virtual server would be a POST containing a parameter with the key?



    Would you want to check every request to the virtual server to see if it is a POST with a key? Or would you only check requests to a specific URI?



    How would you want to determine if a key was valid?



    Would you want to use an LTM cookie to track that a user had presented a valid key at the beginning of their session and then not look for the key on subsequent requests with the cookie?



    In concept, you can collect the HTTP request payload in the HTTP_REQUEST even using HTTP::collect. In the HTTP_REQUEST_DATA event you could check the payload using HTTP::payload. But I would be leery of trying to do this collection for every request to the virtual server as it could use a lot of memory and add latency to the traffic.



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