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May 26, 2024

check add route default in f5 with mode ip forward node server to internet behind ltm f5

hello everyone,

I was a question for the IP forward mode , the config in the capture Bellow with snat:

my test scenario like this:

server node :

self externe:

self interne :

This scenario does not work for internet ping test from the node server to the internet but without a default route to the checkpoint interface gateway , Could you please confirm that adding the route default to the checkpoint interface gateway Is correct for my action and that the test is working.




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  • Hello Hamza, keep in mind that F5 is a default-deny device so anything that doesn't strictly match your forwarders will be denied. 

    One issue i see with your configuration is that this routing VIP is configured to listen on all VLANs. This means that "inbound" traffic will be nat-ed with the same IP as well. I believe this isn't intended, so you might consider tuning the "vlan and tunnel traffic" config and restricting it only to the internal 172.16.10.x VLAN, and/or any other VLAN that requires outbound connectivity. 

    Other than that, of course you're going to need to configure a default route on the unit, so that F5 knows where to forward all traffic that isn't intended for local networks. 

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      thank you for your reply, I will modify the internal vlan for the policy forward